The Woman’s Mag, 2005

“This show is about one of New Zealand women’s most important and enduring icons, the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly. I picked up the 70th anniversary publication on the magazine and I thought — what a great idea for a dance show. Meg Bailey, a member of the dance group who works at the National Library, took us into the bowels of the building where we spent hours pouring over old copies of the Woman’s Weekly.”

Using both movement and spoken excerpts from articles in the magazines, Crows Feet take the audience on an historical journey through the different decades. Following comments on how ‘ladies’ should conduct themselves while swimming at the beach in the summer during the 1930’s, a water ballet is performed to Gil Dech’s ‘Robin’s Return’ and a ‘towel dance’ to another piece of NZ music history ‘Blue Smoke’.

“We had great fun researching NZ popular music through the decades, and matching stories and images from the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.”