Choros, 2009


Choros was the main dance in our tenth anniversary show, performed at the 2009 Wellington Fringe Festival. audience dazed, delighted and disconcerted. Choros is a sensuous Bacchanalian revel danced to View From Olympus by acclaimed New Zealand composer, John Psathas.

“I have had a love affair with ancient Greek theatre since my student days. While lecturing at Dunedin College of Education in the 1980s, I co-directed and choreographed a memorable production of Euripides’ The Bacchae. It is exciting to re-visit this material with Crows Feet Dance Collective, and especially to choreograph to the fabulous score by John Psathas.

The cult of Dionysus originated in Asia and these bacchants will have an exotic Persian flavour with designer Jane Ferguson emphasizing eastern colours and motifs. We have an expert belly dancer in the group and we are making use of her skills to learn this quintessentially eastern dance form. ” Jan Bolwell

Part 1: The Furies
Part 2: Athena
Part 3: The Maenads



Performed: Wellington Performing Arts Centre, 2009

  • Choreography: Jan Bolwell
  • Music: View From Olympus by John Psathas
  • Costumes: Jane Ferguson
  • Set: Jennifer Holdaway
  • Dancers:
    Meg Bailey, Jan Bolwell, Jill Clarke, Jenny Cossey, Lee Dunn,  Magrita Freie, Denise Hitchcock, Jennifer Holdaway, Elizabeth Isaacs, Tania Kopytko, Sally Latham, Sue Leask, Rachel McAlpine, Carolyn McKeefry, Daphne Pilaar, Gay Puketapu-Andrews, Jo Thorpe, Kirsty Wardlaw


Anything else

A work of rare beauty, visual power and simplicity.