How to be a Domestic Goddess 2010



Revue de Cuisine

Crows Feet Dance Collective turned its attention to the culinary arts in a comic dance work, How to be a Domestic Goddess. The show was performed at the 2010 Wellington Fringe Festival, and won the Fringe Award for Best Dance Show.


“The idea for the dance came from our socialising. Crows Feet often has get-togethers away from the studio where we sample each other’s latest creations in the kitchen. We decided it was time to make a dance about cooking and baking.” Jan Bolwell

The choreography is outstanding throughout. Jan Bolwell manages to complement the less experienced dancers while showcasing the ability of those more skilled. The dancing is not restricted by any conventional expectations; it is creative and original. The success and impact of the show is a testament to Bolwell’s skill as a choreographer.

Jan Bolwell herself is captivating. Her dance personality is enchanting, and she has a wonderful rapport with the audience. Her ability to switch from the intensity of ‘Leaving Home’ to her comic portrayal of Nigella Lawson in ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ is exceptional.


Amy Tait